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Automatic Beverage Tap

30 reviews
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Restaurant-style serving, right at home
Just tap to dispense. It’s like a drink fountain from a sit-down eatery, but in the convenience and comfort of your own home! Our Automatic Beverage Tap makes filling up on your favorite drink easier and more hassle-free than ever.
Works for any bottle,
for any need
Whether it’s milk, orange juice, iced tea, or water, our tap is easy to install. Simply replace the cap of your beverage of choice with the tap pump. Note the pump is not designed for carbonated drinks (sorry, sodas) or pulped juices. The pump in total measures 13.38in / 34cm in length, making it ideal for large-sized beverage containers.
Just tap to use
Like with a lot of technology today, all you’ve gotta do is tap. Our Automatic Beverage Tap features a tap-to-dispense lever, like with a drink dispenser in a fast-food joint. Just push your bowl or cup against the lever to self-serve.
Minimize spills, drips,
and accidents
When placed properly on a stable and leveled surface, your milk jug or gallon of juice can help young ones easily serve themselves, without the struggle of lugging a heavy container. Our tap pump also has a drip-free design for a cleaner space.
From everyday home-use
to large-scale events
The amazing thing about our Automatic Beverage Tap is that it works great for everyone in the family. From morning milk to mid-afternoon juice, it serves as a great one-touch convenience. But when it’s time for guests or larger family to get together, our tap works perfectly alongside dishes and appetizers or a self-serve drink bar. You can purchase multiples of our dispenser pump to serve up a buffet of beverages for a touch of catering glam. Guests can easily serve themselves, all with minimized risk of unfortunate spills or accidents.
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Real customer reviews

30 reviews
96.7% of buyers enjoyed this product!
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  1. A***e

    Cool tap for summer bbq

  2. K***e

    great help at any household

  3. V***a

    I bought automatic beverages tap on sale, was delighted with the quality

  4. D***d

    Budget automatic beverages tap from a reputable store? This is perfect!

  5. J***a

    The tap came intact and works well

  6. H***a

    automatic beverages tap does its function, what more to say

  7. D***d

    Everything is fine, thank you!

  8. A***v

    Awesome pump, only needed to incert the battery

  9. R***v

    At 1st it was not clear that batteries were needed it took a very long time to figure out how to work it however once we figured it out it works perfectly.

  10. M***s

    automatic beverages tap was great idea. kids can now get their own bowl when they wake up before us old people…

  11. A***c

    Dispenser Working. I’m satisfied with automatic beverages tap, but may be Hose should be a little longer. cant reach bottom on a bigger bottles.

  12. F***k

    I’d recommend automatic beverages tap to anyone who has kids.

  13. P***h

    I really loved this idea. I have4 young children so this made breakfast extremely easy. My husband and I also enjoyed it.

  14. S***v

    The hose is short for 5 liters barrel. Enough current by half, and so everything is OK while working

  15. R***d

    Fits perfectly on Belgian 3 gallon bottles… very satisfied with automatic beverages tap

  16. C***u

    Like in description, automatic beverages tap works great

  17. A***v

    The concept is great. I even liked it because I didn’t have to lug a big jug out of the refrigerator.

  18. S***s

    I absolutely love this product!! The only thing I was a little bit worried about before buying it was how fast it pumped out, I didn’t want it to be too slow and dribble everywhere or come out to fast and splash out of the cup. I’ve read several questions answered on the products stating chunky milk was getting stuck in the suction tube and because of that that it was a horrible product… I have NEVER had this problem and it’s more than likely because I don’t let my milk expire. The only way chunky milk is going to get stuck in the tube is if you are using expired milk, just because some milk might sit in the suction tube, as long as it is refrigerated and not expired it will not get chunky.

    Also I’m a bit OCD so after every gallon of milk that I go through as well as water, I fill the jug back up with hot water and bleach and run it through the unit to thoroughly clean the unit as well as scrub the spout. I have two of the units not and one is for milk and one is for water and both bottles sit on my fridge door and don’t move until they are empty which also eliminates messy spills or children not being able to lift the gallon. Very simple to use as well. You just put the suction tube in and pull the slip fitting cap over the jug opening and your good to go! Another great perk is that batteries are actually known to keep a better life is they are refrigerated until use, so by keeping them in the unit while In the fridge your also getting more use out of your batteries!!

  19. A***r

    Brand new beverage tap! Fun for home parties.

  20. K***v

    My wife bought this so my little one can get her own milk and what a great product. It is very easy to use but it does come with its own little problem but every easy to fix.

    The pushing tab is very light to the touch that we accidentally push it when grabbing things out of the fridge and it would squirt milk all over the floor. So we turn the dispenser around to have it face inside and wallah, the problem is solved… LOL

    Cleaning is very easy too as we turn it up side down and run warm water through the system. I also use the hard bristle pipe cleaning brush (yes, I smoke pipe) to clean the dispensed part and done in less than a minute.

    We have gone through over 10 gallons of milk and haven’t replace the batteries yet.

  21. M***m

    I loved this product. I got it for my uncle who has ALS, with his new diagnosis he now has trouble picking heavy things up. I saw a need for something to help him and found this. It came in a true as seen on TV product. He can use this with ease and can fill his drink without asking for help. He has gained some independence back and freed up the family from constantly filling the cup half up. It sits securely on the bottle of tea and reaches all the way at the bottom. It sucks up all thedrink and works great! I also like the lock feature so when you snap it on it does not spill everywhere.

  22. E***m

    We started using it when we had a lot of folks over, and it was very easy to grab a glass of water or lemonade from a gallon bottle. Ever since, we have been religious users of this product and like the fact it makes us lazier…

    Washing is easy.

    just need to be careful about the first squirt, which is very powerful. The lock is a bit flimsy, but it does what it is supposed to… A small pic of a lock would have been more intuitive instead of a red dot.

    Overall my family and friends like it. May buy more for Xmas.

  23. K***n

    No more worries about where to find automatic beverages tap online in case I need more.

  24. A***s

    I seriously cannot say enough about this item! I have two little girls, one with special needs. One that just isn’t that strong, so it is hard for her to pour the milk, not to mention, she always leaves it out!!! Ugh! Other than using a lot more milk now, this thing works wonders for us!!! And at least we get to use the milk and not have to pour it out when I find it on the counter hours later!

  25. Y***s

    This is the best invention ever created in my opinion. It fits on every bottle of juice or milk I’ve tried it on, including the Costco gallons. The dispensing button is a bit sensitive, and the slightest touch to it starts the dispensing. Sometimes it drips after you pull the bowl or glass away. So I recommend a drop tray or a cloth to wipe. Overall super happy with this and will be buying at least one more doe juice.

  26. L***n

    My whole family loves this! I place the jug on a lower shelf in my fridge so my young son can reach and he likes the independence of making his own breakfast. It doesn’t fit certain jugs well, so I normally buy larger jugs to make sure it can get In there. There is a lock feature which is great but it needs to be more stable. Haven’t had any problems with milk spoiling or anything like that, it keeps it covered well.

  27. C***z

    I work with many disabled persons who need accommodations to perform work related tasks. I got this as a test for a client who had difficulty filling small cups with milk but needed to limit the amount to 1/2 full. Although this item functions great it did not end up being used because of cognitive issues with my client that this pump could not resolve. I will hang onto it and use it for another in the future or take it home and use it there.
    I liked the universal stopper top that looks like it would fit almost any bottle top.

  28. F***r

    It’s easy to use and easy to put onto our milk. We go through milk really fast as our 3 year old loves milk. Not only can my toddler help get his own milk (I take the lid off his sippy cup and put it back on for him) but I don’t have to take the milk out of the fridge, so no more accidentally leaving it out in the counter overnight! We will use this until we break it lol and then I will get another one.

  29. E***o

    I love this product. It works great an gets the job done. I bought it for my 4 year old niece, 6 year old nephew, and 8 year old nephew. During the summer, they would wake me up at 7 to get them cereal. This was the perfect device to allow them to pour the milk themselves. I showed them how to use it. It was easy to use, just pushing the button (like a soda fountain). There’s even a locking feature to prevent accidental pushes in the frigerator. I had them do it and they understood it pretty well.

  30. A***r

    I was tired of cleaning up those dried milk sprinkles that fall off the milk bottle onto the glass refrigerator shelves not too mention the dried drool from pouring…I don’t have little children…just a big child, I call husband…I am grateful for it and my husband loves it. One of the 2 originals is still in service with the same batteries, one died…the neck got all wobbley…and wouldn’t work…as my husband now insists that I install it on any new milk bottles, I think he may have tried to “force” it on the milk bottles vs. installing it as you should which is quite simple…

    I bought 2 so that you could put a fresh one in each time you opened a bottle…and my husband would put the “dirty” one in the sink and tell me or if I was not around, he would fill a glass with water and sit it upright in there…I would run hot water in the glass while allowing the unit to continually dispense the water…when I had time, I would run white vinegar water through the unit but I am not sure that it made any difference…with the demise of the one unit, I just purchased 2 new ones…one other thing, our gallons of milk last a long time (longest was a month when we were gone on vacation)…that is quite impressive!

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